ABout Egoo Media

Egoo Media is a global platform for all issues related to Journalism. At the very root, it’s a news-driven portal. Everything that’s happening in Karnataka, India and All over the world is updated here. Even though we have started with just text news, very soon we will be expanding to include the audio-visual form, too. Apart from news, we also have a wide range of dedicated sections where we feature interesting stories, interviews, tidbits, insights, and thought-provoking writings. Short Films, Events, Sport’s and so on.

These special sections include, among others, sports, politics, literature, science, health, and crime. Down the line, we will also be introducing TV Channel, AIR, Introducing Sports, visual archive that will showcase some of the rarest of short films, documentaries, interviews, etc. unfortunately, there’s no single portal that can offer news, views, entertainment, events, Having studied the need for a comprehensive Kannada portal, we are now launching egoomedia.com , The Company is Registered under the Registration of Company Act od India 1969.The site is being designed in such a way that it pops up with every search related to Karnataka, India and International writeups All over the world attracts the Readers keeps the visitor glued with a whole gamut interesting subjects, and, equally importantly, offers plenty of opportunities and windows for advertising. It goes without emphasising that we need your support and patronage to serve the cause of Kannada better. Will look forward to a long and mutually- appreciative journey with you.